Welcome to Monument Builders of North America

Monument Builders of North America is a trade association that is over 100 years old. Our members have helped millions of families across the continent and now across the globe. In today’s marketplace, there are many people out to take advantage of the consumer. This is a fact in all industries, not just ours. We created this page as a resource tool for those going through the pain of losing a loved and even those “planning ahead” to make sure one less thing needs to be done in the future.

One thing MBNA has always been proud of is that we are PRO consumer. You have the right to choose where you buy your memorial from, who installs it and where your final resting place will be. If during your process of purchasing a monument you feel your rights as a consumer are being restrained, you should visit our Consumer Advocacy page to learn about what is and isn’t legal in your state. If the answer’s not there, we can put you in touch with someone who can help you find it!

Finally, we want this to be a place to educate the public not only about how to buy a memorial today, but the history of memorialization and its meaning throughout the centuries. While you’re on this site, please take a look around at the various links and learn more about this amazing industry!

Best wishes to you in finding your monument!