Monument Builders of North America

Our Mission

MBNA is a membership association made up of monument retailers, wholesalers, and suppliers/bronze divisions. We work to define and promote permanent memorialization in a viable, innovative, and diversified way for our membership and to enhance the awareness of permanent memorialization to the general public and the remembrance industry.




MBNA is THE voice of memorialists in North America and around the world. MBNA has set an industry standard with our Certified Memorialist Program which has improved knowledge and innovation in memorialization.

MBNA provides multiple educational and networking opportunities to improve our members craftsmanship. This ensures they are best prepared to help create a lasting monument for their customers.

MBNA members dedicate themselves to the passion and art of commemorating the lives of those loved and lost. Our members are pre-consumer, and they work hard to celebrate the life of the deceased in each of their memorials.

MBNA’s Benchmarking Report

This free tool will provide participating MBNA retail members with better information on the financial performance of their business and how each company’s ratios compare to the rest of the industry, allowing them to make well-informed business decisions.

Member-Exclusive Benefit: Electronic Payment Processing Program

MBNA has partnered with Bluefin, a leader in payment and data security, to provide members with a complete suite of highly secure payment processing options and devices. Bluefin also can reduce your business expenses with its “meet or beat” payment processing rates.